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New name, new site - everything new?

Published by bach on 2011-08-29
Last week was quiet busy regarding lang5, formerly known as 5.

First of all we picked a new name: lang5
After two doodle polls ( 1st(external link) and 2nd(external link)) we decided to change 5 into lang5 for the following reasons:
  • top rank in search engines
  • uniqueness (in search engines)
  • no name collisions with consulting companies and the like

In parallel we ported the whole website to TikiWiki(external link) - a CMS solution.
Therefore we created this blog to keep you up to date about lang5.

Additionally we created two forums for you:

To register on the web page you need a passcode (to avoid Spam registrations), please contact Oliver

Have fun with lang5.


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