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Re: Red Book - your ideas

Hi -
thank you so much for your posting and your efforts! Just my 2 cents worth:

I, personally, would prefer LaTeX over a plain text file and would rule out Word completely. The existing documentation is already typeset using LaTeX, so a Redbook in this format would fit in easily.

As first sample programs, I would suggest things like the Gauss sum or similar problems. We could have a look at the examples program collection next time we meet to pick out some which are suitable.

Concerning stack basics etc. which might be suitable for an introductory Redbook, the first book that comes to my mind is "Thinking Forth" by Leo Brodie: http://thinking-forth.sourceforge.net/(external link) There are some great pictures that might be used as an inspiration. :-)

All the best - Bernd. :-)

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