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Re: Re: Red Book - your ideas


great ideas. Including the hint with the Thinking Forth.

Normally when a lanuage is introduced you brag about the "short and easy" ways of solving problems with less code compared to all the other guys.
In case of lang5 we should focus on the way of thinking.
Let us start like this:
The world is full of object-oriented languages (declarative , imperatve and so on) this is the reason you should learn lang5.

- Find a new way of thinking to solve your problems. (the STACK!).
- Blow your mind by erasing old structures from your head (Yes, I am thinking of the ordinary loops. Kill them all.).
- Discover lost treasures from the past.
- Meet great people (yeah that's us...).
- Stay closer to what the machine really does (let us call it the "back to the roots" argument).
- ...



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Hi Patrick -
sorry for answering so late. Getting rid of most explicit loops is truly a central point in array languages like lang5. Quite the same like functional programming tries to avoid variables and the side effects associated with using them we should try to avoid loops, too. Every variable and loop saved is one potential error less in a program. :-)

Concerning treasures of the past you are right - we are "standing on the shoulders of giants" as it is said, and this is true for programming, too. It is a pity that languages like Forth and APL did not really change the world of programming - maybe lang5 has some potential to change this (at least it is free software :-) - in contrast to most APL interpreters).

I am really looking forward to your Redbook. :-)

Have a great holiday-Monday - best regards, Bernd. :-)

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